Booking Process

Booking information

Thank you for interest in my work. I am currently working in a private studio about 30 minutes from Bristol, UK.

Unfortunately I am not able to take on new work all the time and sadly there is no process as to when I can take on new bookings due to regular clients’ tattoo timescales, travel commitments etc.

I try to take on just a few projects at a time and finish them before taking on more, thus being able to fully commit to a design, ensuring the best for the outcome.

The tattoos I take on fully depend on how regularly the client can book in to complete the piece or just as importantly, how much I like the idea.

I am very lucky to get a lot of freedom in my design process. Nearly all the work in my portfolio is a result of trust from my clients to push the idea of what tattoo art can look like as well as working together to  create something we are both excited about.

If you can imagine your tattoo in my portfolio, please enquire. .

Sleeves take me 6 to 7 days, often the same for back pieces. Ideally I prefer not to leave it more than one month between sittings. I charge an hourly rate for all my tattoos, days are normally between 7 to 10 hours. Multiple day sittings or large pieces are preferred and given priority.


I hope this gives you some insight into my booking process. Please drop me an email to  

including a clear, side profile, non mirrored  photo of where you would like to be tattooed, 3 pictures of my work that have inspired you to contact me and any other information you think I may require.


Kind regards

Matthew James